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Dan, I recently moved to Orlando from North Carolina. I plan on fishing about every weekend, but I love to do my research before I fish. There are so many lakes around, I’m not sure where to start. Where would you recommend? and where can I get contour maps of all the lakes? (so that I may plan my outings). Thank you for your time. Kind Regards, David Lohr

There are tremendous fishing oportunities just minutes away from Disneyworld, in Orlando, Fl. One of the lakes in the area is Lake Apopka, the fourth largest lake in the state. Lake Apopka is a 30,700-acre lake located in the central part of the state, at Winter Garden, FL , about 10 miles west of Orlando. Most of the lake is in Orange County, but the western part is in Lake County. Once a world-class bass fishery, it has suffered over 100 years of abuse at the hands of farmers and industrial concerns. Until recently, it was goven the title of the ‘Most Polluted Lake in Fla’. It was defiled with phosphates from agriculural run-off, and pesticides. But since 1985, numerous efforts, and millions of dollars have bent spent cleaning it up, and purchasing the surrounding farmlands to restore them to their original wetlands. It is a wonderful success story, and should be an example to other locations. The lake now offers great bass fishing, as well as carfish and sunfish. It is not back to it’s former levels, yet, but it is getting better all the time. The Orlando area has many ‘chains’ of several interconnected lakes. They make for some great fishing destinations. The Butler Chain of Lakes (also known as the Windermere Chain of Lakes) in Southwest Orlando consists of nine interconnected lakes totaling 4,720 acres. Lakes making up the chain include Lake Butler, Lake Down, Lake Tibet, Lake Sheen, Lake Isleworth, Lake Blanche, Lake Louise, Lake Chase, and Pocket Lake. These lakes are typically clear and have sandy bottoms. Lakes on the south side of the chain are a little more tannin stained. The canals are shallow and impassable during low rainfall periods. The Conway Chain of lakes is located south of downtown Orlando. These four interconnected lakes are collectively known as Lake Conway. The chain has nearly 1,800 acres of clear water and a hard sand bottom. The Winter Park chain lof lakes islLocated in the heart of Winter Park. Lake Virginia, Lake Osceola, Lake Maitland, Lake Mizell, and Lake Minneola make up this interconnected 2,781 acre chain. Canals connecting the lakes are narrow but relatively deep. Water is typically tea colored. Topo maps are probably available in most local tackle shops, but if you have trouble finding any, you can contact: Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission 620 South Meridian St. Tallahassee, FL 32399 (904) 488-4676 Happy Fishing.

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