A Quick Guide to the Delights of Austin Bass Fishing!

One popular lake for bass fishing in Austin is Lake Travis. Unlike Lake Austin and LBJ, there is not as much dense vegetation in the water so it can give you a whole new experience in terms of bass fishing. There are rocky banks surrounding crystal clear waters. The only dense vegetation that remains in the lake all year round is that lining the bank towards the upper section. Lake Travis is as much of a challenge for fishing enthusiasts as the other two lakes purely because of the variation in the nature of the lake and the amount of hiding places there actually are for the bass. The fish are bred specifically for fishing and so are present in the environment all year round.

Whichever lake you choose in Austin, the bass fishing will be good. You will enjoy the experience and the challenge and will no doubt return home vowing to once again visit bass fishing haunts in Austin! However, be sure to prepare yourself fully for the environment and the possible situations that you may find yourself in before you go. It is worth brushing up your knowledge on fishing for bass in dense vegetation if you are a relative beginner or a little rusty. If you plan to take a boat, it may also be a good idea to take sonar equipment for calculating depth to ensure that you do not wind up getting stuck or damaging the hired boat! This can be expensive! Be sure to avoid June through August as well because your experience would probably not be as satisfying as it would in March or April. If you are after the ultimate experience in bass fishing though, you should most definitely give Austin a try in the Spring!

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