crankbait usage

I’ve been using Super Shallow Crankbaits in the grass beds with a lot of success. Are there any other types of cover they’ll work well for?

I think they will work in any cover so long as they can be fished effectively.  My big problem with crankbait in heavy cover is they tend to hang up or become full of weeds.  They need to be cleaned each time they are retrieved and are not very effective as a result.


In the conditions you outlined a very shallow running crankbait is a good idea.  Largemouth Bass in these areas tend to feed towards the surface of the water making a crankbait a good choice.


In other areas of cover the key questions you need to ask your self are.  Can I retrieve my crankbait without obstructions that reduce fishing time? Do I have a crankbait that runs at the optimal depth for the conditions I am fishing?


If the answer to the two above questions is “yes” then by all means use a crankbait.  I regard the crankbait as the most effective lure when the conditions are right.  They need to be fished differently though.


Let’s assume for example you are fishing an area of shallow water with dense standing timber. The key to fishing this situation is finding out where the Largemouth Bass are positioned. If they are positioned near the edges of the trees you can successfully retrieve a crankbait along the edges of the tree line.  If the bass however are positioned in the middle of a dense area of standing timber the crankbait will do work.  You will need a lure less prone to hang-ups like a spinnerbait, jig or topwater bait.

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