Can you shed some light on Lake Lalisa in Mexico?

Dan, I am looking for info on a lake in Mexico called Lake Lalisa. I am not sure if this is the correct spelling, but that is how it is pronounced. Thank You

There are several lakes in Mexico, and many of them are great spots for a little bass fishing if you are planning a trip or happen to be in the area. However, there is unfortunately no lake with the pronunciation or name of Lalisa, unless of course it is a private lake on private land that the majority of us will not be able to get access to. This is most definitely a possibility if you are planning to take a trip to such a lake in the near future. If you are looing for a lake to visit for bass fishing in Mexico though, there are plenty that you can readily access that provide excellent facilities for fishing though! Lake Huites, for example, is the dream lake for any bass fishing enthusiast because the waters are teeming with bass. The largemouth originally came to the area from Florida and has multiplied beyond belief. As such, you can catch around 50 a day, regardless of your level. Many bass fishing enthusiasts think highly of the waters and return year after year. No matter what techniques and lures you prefer, Lake Huites will accommodate you! The lake occupies over 23,000 acres and has various lodges not very far from its banks. As such, it is possible to take a long break there and enjoy all the facilities on offer. It is just 100 miles from the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa and thus the same from the nearest airport so it is easy to get there. If you are looking for catch and release action then it is the only place to go in Mexico!

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