Can you find big largemouth bass in the missouri river?

We used to fish the Missouri River in Iowa for Smallmouth Bass years ago – I’ve heard that it’s actually becoming a pretty good spot for big Largemouth Bass – is that true?

According the Iowa DNR, that area of the Missouri River has actually been on the rebound for the last couple of years, and yes, they are predicting that the population of bigger Largemouth Bass will continue to increase.  While most Iowa anglers head to Lake Okoboji, it sounds like the river might be a good destination to stop by and drop a line.  While the river has been and continues to be a good spot for smallmouth bass several Largemouths have been pulled from the water tipping the scale at over five pounds in the last few years.  Biologists believe they’ll just keep getting bigger.  During the summer, the DNR suggests hitting the river in the Council Bluffs area.  The water is as clear as it gets on the Missouri and the water levels hold fairly stable.  The area of the river that winds around the city is host to a wide variety of irregularities that the Bass seem to prefer holding in.  Wooden debris piles, logjams and driftwood are the areas recommended by the local anglers.  Apparently, the more there is to tangle up your line the more likely you’re going to find the Bass.  Early morning and late evening are the best times for topwater bites on the Missouri and most of the water is shallow.

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