Bass, From Top To Bottom

if it is pre spawning or spawning time, where will the bass most likely be feeding, on the top, or the bottom?

While bass are not as migratory as their cousins, the crappie, they have a lot of the same habits. They like warmer water than crappies. We’ll start with spring. When water temperatures approach 58 to 60 degrees F, bass will begin to move along lines of structure from their deeper winter holding areas, to begin staging in the shallows for spawning, males first, followed soon by the big females. At this time, they are attempting to put on as much weight as possible by gorging, so fishing at this time can be fast and furious. They will hit anything in the water, on the surface, or the bottom. Then, they will build nests, spawn, and retreat to medium depth water near structure to recover. In the heat of summer, the best times are early morning, evening, and night, when they are cruising the shallows looking for things to eat. During the day, they will be in deeper water holding near structure. In fall, they will hang out near shallows and drop-offs, and once again gorge for the long winter. In winter, they will hold in deep water near structure and try to move as little as possible.

Happy fishing.

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