Bass Fly Fishing

Fly lines come in several varieties, but for bass fly fishing, you may want to start out with something like a weight-forward bass bug taper. Fly line is cheap, but if you keep it well cared for, it will last you for several years. Use line cleaner and dressing to keep it working like new, and be sure to stretch it before fishing, as this can enhance the casting performance.

The most expensive part of your bass fly fishing gear will most likely be the flies. Some of these can run as much as a good crankbait, but you can start with just a few simple streamers and topwater bugs. For smallmouth bass, look for sizes 8 or 6 (smallers), while largemouth require something closer to a 4 or 2/0 (larger). Try foam poppers and divers or sliders over deer hair for topwater bass fly fishing. Good streamers can be found in Clouser Minnows, Muddler Minnows, Zonkers, and Wooly Buggers. If you feel like working the bottom, look for Hare Grubs, Hare Jigs, and similar baits.

This is just a start to the different options you have for bass fly fishing. As you become more experienced in the sport, you’ll find your own techniques and determine your preferred flies and rods. However, just the basic rod, reel, line, and fly setup will get you going on your first excursion.

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