Bass Fishing Tournaments

If you want to try your hand at bass fishing tournaments, you can find tournament trails in the Northeast, with the Freedom Bass Trail covering the entire New England area and the Foxwoods Bass Challenge Tournaments ranging throughout New York and Connecticut. The Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit is a pairs tournament that is held in Pennsylvania, and MassMasters Tourneys covers the Massachusetts area. You can also opt to fish the left coast, with Gone Fishing scheduling over 340 tournaments throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona every year.

In the middle of the country, you’ll find tons of bass fishing tournaments to attend or in which to participate. The Heartland Tournament Association hold several competitions in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, and the IN Bass Team Tournaments are held throughout the Midwest. In Arkansas, the Guys N Gals Bass Association is a couples fishing organization sponsors couples events in the Ozarks, in Arkansas. Some bass fishing tournaments even promote family bonds, like the Like Father, Like Son National Fishing Circuit, holding tournaments throughout the country for fathers and their sons so that the family bass fishing tradition can be passed on.

These are just a few of the bass fishing tournaments in the United States, as there are literally thousands in the country every year. There are so many more that the best thing to do is search the internet and various fishing magazines for tournaments in your area. You can also check with local fishing clubs for more information on various tournaments and their regulations.

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