Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Mexico – When to Go, What to Take

Mexico is a great place for bass fishing, and there are quite a few prime locations where you can enjoy it. The weather in Mexico is often very warm and comfortable so you can fish here all year long if you like. Knowing where to find the best bass though around Mexico as well as when can help to give you a significant advantage when you go fishing in this area.

Lake El Salto is a great place for finding trophy bass. The fishing reports show that this is the location where the most record weighing bass have been located. According to Bass Master Magazine, if you fish here you will be on the best lake in the world to find larger sized bass. The time of year to fish here starts in mid September and it runs through the following July. You don’t want to fish here in August and early September due to the high rainfall. From October first through April though you will find that there is plenty of action for great looking bass.

Lake Agua Milpa is also a wonderful area in Mexico and one of the newest. In fact, it has only been open for bass fishing in the past couple of years. The fact that not many people know about it can make it a great place for you to have some luck. Most of the bass here are from 3 to 6 pounds, but a few 10 pounders have been identified. You will find this location along the Rio Santiago which is the largest river in Mexico.

The shore here is heavy with brush too so you will have lots of cover that the bass enjoy. This is going to make it easier for you to capture them than it is in many other fishing destinations. This particular lake has a dam that was built as a source of hydro electric power. This helps to keep the water level constant which also makes your bass fishing experience more predictable. This lake isn’t known for monster sized bass but you will find that it is one of the best places to capture multiple fish on any given day.

There is a 16 room lodge here that is operated by Billy Chapman Senior. He has an excellent reputation in the bass fishing business around Mexico. It is a good idea to make sure you are in good hands when you make the journey to this particular destination for a fishing vacation. He offers 16 foot bass fishing boats with motors. Only two fisherman per boat along with a fishing guide give everyone personal attention and lots of room.

Lake Baccarac offers some wonderful experiences in the area of bass fishing too. This is a very large lake with 30,000 surface acres of water. It was first stocked with large bass from Florida in 1978. The record is a 19 pound bass which was captured in 1993. There was also one the same size captured in 1994.

It is very convenient to travel to with a paved air strip not far away. There are daily flights in and out. You will be picked up at the airport and then taken back when your vacation is over. You will receive drinks and nachos upon arrival. Breakfast will be offered to start your day, a light lunch, and then a wonderful dinner when you return as the sun is going down.

If you are looking for a Mexico bass fishing vacation that gives you the most out of your time, this is a good choice. They offer large sized boats and even GPS finders so that those bass can’t be hidden from you for the day. You can also find a lodge close by that is going to offer great accommodations for relaxing. They also have plenty of great food available. The rooms offer you purified water too. This lodge is right along the edge of the water so it is convenient to get to the fishing and back.

If you want to travel light, you don’t need to take much with you but your personal items. It is best to find a quality outfitter in the Mexico area where you wish to go bass fishing. They will also take you out on guided expeditions if you like. They can show you some great areas that you didn’t know about too.

If you do plan on taking your own fishing gear, make sure it is going to be able to handle a large sized bass. Some other things you may wish to add to the tackle box include shad patterned crank baits, top water plugs, and spinner baits. These are very popular in the Mexico bass fishing scene and will get you the results you are after. There are plenty of lodges around Mexico where you can stay for the ideal bass fishing experience.

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