Bass Fishing in Florida

The freshwater canals of Cape Coral in Florida are generally under fished to a huge degree. Most of the fisherman that come to Cape Coral are saltwater fisherman in search of Tarpon, Redfish and Snook. The size and amount of Largemouth Bass available in this area is a secret to many fishermen.

You can fish this area with a boat or from shore. If you do, expect a great deal of action. Catching large amounts of bass is quite easy. Your average catch size will not be as large as the large lakes of Southern Florida but you will have much action. It is not very difficult to find the fish and the canal/lake system is very easy to fish. You can use a wide variety of baits since the conditions are not extreme. I have caught fish in these canals at all times of the year and at all times during the day.

This just touches on a few of the many places to fish in Florida, especially Southern Florida. These are hundreds of lakes in this area that offer great opportunities to catch large amounts of Largemouth Bass. If you use the techniques I outlined you should have no problem catching your share.

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