5 Secrets for Bass Fishing in Canada

Bass Fishing Techniques

The technique you use will greatly depend on the type of water in which you are fishing. Therefore, there is no certain thing that you can do that will work everytime you go out in every situation. There are some basic techniques that you can use as a guide for the different types of water. For instance, when fishing in streams it’s recommended that you cast your line upstream above the bass. This will allow your bait to drift downstream through the area where they are waiting and searching for food.

When using baits such as minnows and crayfish you will get the best results by lowering the bait into the area where the bass are believed to be. Then wait a few minutes for them to have time to locate and take the bait. When choosing your bait you need to match the size of the bait with the size of the bass you believe to be in the waters. If you know there are bass in the area but you are not receiving any bites, try changing the size of the bait or switch to something different altogether.

Using jigs will work very well when bass fishing in Canada. The best colors to use include black, green and brown but you will get the best results when you match the color of the jig with the color of the natural food source. Using jigs that are tipped with plastic or small pork trailers will make them more interesting. When the bass are feeding aggressively spinnerbait and crankbait seem to yield some nice results. Whichever type of bait or lure that you use keep in mind that loud noises will spook the bass and send them in the opposite direction. Make sure you are careful to avoid this.

Patience is the key to bass fishing in Canada and anywhere else for that matter. Being able to experiment and try different techniques to discover which one works the best in different situations is also necessary for success. These Canada bass fishing secrets can help you get the most out of all your fishing trips so you can double the fun and excitement that bass fishing brings. Since Canada is a great place for the whole family to visit, it makes a nice vacation spot.

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