Bass Fishing around the World: Where to Fish for Bass

Giant Sea bass – This fish is native to Japan and the surrounding Pacific area. As a result, it provides a great new and different location for a vacation. The fish is certainly abundant there but can also be found off the coast of America and Canada, although it is facing extinction in California waters so it may be an idea to steer clear of this location. This bass is appealing because it lives in shallower rocky waters and provides a challenge!

Largemouth bass – This bass is commonly found in the American South, from Alabama to Georgia to Mississippi to Florida. This is one of the world’s most popular variants for bass fishing and if you already live in the local area then you may want a change.

Smallmouth bass – As the most common bass in the United States and Canada, this can be found all over the country, so you can use it as an excuse to travel to areas like California, Mississippi, Quebec, Toronto and Chicago! The bays around these areas are popular in terms of bass fishing locations.

There should be a bass fishing report available for all of these locations. If there is not one available or the one offered is a few years old then steer clear because the likelihood is that the bass fishing there is poor or that there is an absence of quality fish. The best place to go for reports is independent bodies that allow individuals to access bass fishing in the local areas. There is no definitive website for this but it is easy enough to track down these reports via a Google search.

If you would also prefer the opinions as others in order to choose your destination then simply go on a bass fishing general information website and there will be opinions on there. These are often perhaps better than the reports because they can tell you exactly what a fellow enthusiast thinks, and they are not often wrong!

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