Austin Bass Fishing

One of the best lakes for prime Austin bass fishing is LBJ, named for the president from Texas. This is a 6,375 acre impoundment that has highly developed shorelines with boat houses, shallow vegetation, and bulkheads that prove to be incredible hiding places for bass. If you are fishing from the shore, this is excellent news, meaning an easy target and easy catch. However, there is also a lot of sunken brush that can be damaging to a boat, so any fisherman getting out on the lake should be sure to carry sonar or depth finders and heed the warning, especially toward the ends of the docks. LBJ is a shallow, warm lake with good fishing all year round, but as with bass in most areas, the spring and fall will bring the abundance. Try flipping the docks in the area to assure yourself that your boat will be full to the bass limit before going home each day.

While Austin bass fishing may not be the first sport on your mind when you visit the Texas capital, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunities that abound at the Austin lakes. You won’t be disappointed.

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