As the Worm Turns……

What is the best technique in putting a live night crawler on your hook? Same question with a live minnow?

The best way to hook a live nightcrawler is with a worm-threader. I have seen these before at Wal-Mart, but they are rare. It is easy to make your own, though. All you need is a 1/2 inch diameter wooden dowel, cut to around 4″ long, some 5 Minute Epoxy, a 6″ piece of aircraft fuel line tubing, and a 1/8″ drill bit and drill. Using the drill and bit, drill a 1/8″ hole down the center of the dowel, going in at least 3/4 of the way through. Next, mix a small bit of the epoxy, and dip the end of the aircraft fuel line tubing into it, coating it well. Now, just insert the end of the tubing into the hole you drilled in the dowel, going all the way down. Allow the epoxy to set, then cut a very small bit of the tubing off at the end, at an angle, so that you have a point, to pierce the worm body with. To use it, rig your line. Then, take the live nightcrawler and pierce the end with the threader and run it all the way through the worm, leaving the entire worm on the threader. Next, insert the point of your hook into the small hole in the end of the tubing on the threader, and tighten the slack in your line with your free hand. Then, slide the nightcrawler up the hook shank, and up the line, stopping just before the end of the worm comes off the threader. When you remove the hook from the threader, the worm will be completely threaded on your line with the hook point hidden inside the worm, and it will look natural. The best way to hook a live minnow, so that it swims more or less naturally, is right behind the dorsal fin, taking care not to puncture the lateral line. Puncturing the lateral line will kill the minnow instantly, so just barely hook it through the back. The next best choice is through the lips. Happy Fishing.

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