Arizona Bass Fishing

For Arizona bass fishing, be sure to visit Canyon Lake, at an elevation of 1,660 feet between Superstition Wilderness and the Four Peaks Wilderness areas. This lake is a bit smaller, with only 926 surface acres, but in terms of Arizona bass fishing, this small body of water packs a big punch. Largemouth, smallmouth, and yellow bass are found in this lake in huge quantities, making it an extremely popular bass fishing location.

One other amazing lake to visit for good Arizona bass fishing is Patagonia. At an elevation of 3,760 feet in the middle of Patagonia Lake State Park, it’s a very small lake (only 260 acres), and it’s often ignored as a fisher’s dream. However, largemouth bass are pretty common here, and because anglers don’t frequent the lake, the bass grow big and the waters are typically not crowded. Be prepared, though, for harsh hot spells in the summer, despite the elevation. While the warmth brings the bass to life, it can certainly do you in if you are unprepared!

So, a word to the wise for all bass fishers out there: just because it’s not the first place that comes to mind as a good breeding zone, don’t discount the joy of Arizona bass fishing. There’s a lot of fun and success to be had in this forgotten area of the country.

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