Any tips for catching smallmouth in the fall?

Any tips for fishing for Smallmouth Bass in the fall?

Since the Smallmouth Bass likes to gorge before the long months of winter are upon him, Fall is one of the best times of the year to fish just about any Smallmouth lake.  The preferred prey for the Smallmouth Bass at this time of the year is baitfish, which will make locating them just a little bit easier.  When you find out what type of baitfish are available and preferred by the Smallmouth, start looking for them.  When find the baitfish, you’ll find the Smallmouth.  Fishing in the fall isn’t really to much different than fishing for the Smallmouth in the Spring.  Concentrate on the areas on the lake that offer sharply dropping flats.  Shoal mixed with grass is also a good spot for the Smallmouth as well as the rocky humps.  The Bass will typically stick to about 8-12 feet of water and will more than likely be traveling in large schools consisting of as many as 50 fish.  They’re going to also be traveling in tighter groups so you don’t want to stay in one place for very long.  I prefer using crankbaits, spinnerbaits and hard jerkbaits for the Smallmouth in Fall water because I can cover a lot of water without wasting much time.  Topwater lures are an excellent choice.

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