Alabama Bass Fishing

In the northwest corner of Alabama, bass fishing is probably best in Pickwick Lake, which is fed mostly by the Tennessee River but also has some produce from the mighty Mississippi at the lower end. Here, you’ll find that it is the “Smallmouth Bass Capital of the World”, with smallmouth bass regularly achieving sizes between five and eight pounds. They are abundant in number and as long as the water is 50 degrees or above, you’ll find that these fish are active and hungry all over this 49-mile long lake. By mid-March, you’ll have an easy go at depths of about 15-20 feet, and as spring continues to warm the waters, you’ll find more of them at 12-14 feet and even as shallow as 9 feet. Pickwick is a perfect breeding ground for smallmouth bass with lots of underwater structure. However, boaters should also beware as these structures have a reputation for tearing up the bottom of a fiberglass boat not built for the shallows.

Overall, Alabama bass fishing is great all over the state, and it’s no wonder it’s a leader among bass fishing locations in the United States. With a variety of bass species available not only in large numbers but in respectable sizes, Alabama is the capital of bass fishing. Take a weekend and visit one of the many lakes or rivers in the state and experience the finest the waters have to offer for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with the results you receive here, especially at these top Alabama bass fishing spots.

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