New Bass Fishing Lures On The Market

In-Line and French Spinners-these have been around forever, and all that has changed are the colors. They are basically a weighted body with a spinner attached to the center wire by a clevis, or directly. They are very successful lures. The major types are Mepps, Rooster Tail, Panther Martin, and Blue Fox.

They all work about the same, and no type one seems to have the edge over the other. They come in all sizes and colors you can think of, and like soft baits, they catch all predator fish, everywhere. They run a close second to soft baits as the best lures to have.

Spinnerbaits, or Buzzbaits-these are mainly largemouth and smallmouth bass lures, although in smaller sizes they can be very productive on crappie. The consist of a colored jighead with a skirt, usually of rubber, but also of marabou and bucktail, at the rear, and an offset wire arm with one or more spinner blades, or propellers at the end. These are best used near the surface, and around heavy cover. They are very productive at times, usually in spring and summer. Major types are the Strike King family, Bushwhacker, and various other types, some with soft plastic bodies. These are effective on redfish, stripers and white bass.

Jigs-one of the oldest fishing lures, and still one of the best. They consist of a weighted head molded to the hook shank, with a skirt made of rubber, marabou, or bucktail tied to the rear, or sometimes tipped with soft plastic bodies, or even live bait. Sometimes, they will have a skirt, and be tipped with colored pork rinds in what is known as a Jig-N-Pig combination. Some

Tournament bass aglers swear by them. They are usually fished slowly in deep water, or along the bottom near cover in shallower water. Since they ride hook-up, they seldom snag.

Beware of new off-brand copies of standard designs coming out of China. They are cheap imitations, not made correctly and will not have the correct action. They will cause you much grief, as well as lost fish.

Happy Fishing!

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