Toho Florida Bass Fishing

When it does not work you have to switch. You may also want to vary where you fish as well because some spots may be fruitful one day but not the next. The bass are always on their toes (or would be if they had any) so make sure that you are. Also, be aware that Lake Toho changes every single day. There may be patches of vegetation there one day but not the next so be vigilant and use it to your advantage.

Always play to the bass and never let your guard down for a minute or else you will never be able to catch them. Follow them. Monitor their movements.

Change the bait if you find that they strike at a particular one more. Provide them with bait they cannot refuse, so to speak! Fishing for bass at Lake Toho is a game of cat and mouse so you have to make sure that you are the former and not the latter. If they are in the vegetation then follow them but do not be too aggressive because you will never stand a chance if you are.

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