Three Secrets for Fishing Smallmouth Bass in Canada

During the spring months when the ice starts to melt bass move into their spawning locations. This is why the months between March and June are so good for fishing in Canada. Just because these are good months for lots of bass to be out doesn’t mean it’s the only time you can find a good amount of bass. Ice fishing is a great way to catch bass.

During the winter month’s food is more scares and the fish are more inclined to bite on anything they can find. If you decide to go fishing in the winter months make sure that you’re properly prepared for the weather.

Baits for Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

Knowing when and where to go is very important but you also need to know what to do when you get there. Bass love to stay around man-made and natural structures such as rocks, dams and underwater vegetation. These locations make fishing for bass a lot easier. Using the right bait and techniques in these areas can make your fishing trip extraordinary.

Smallmouth bass in Canada feed on minnows, crayfish, shad and night crawlers mostly. These are great live baits to fish with but live bait isn’t the only way to go. Using jigs is also extremely effective in fishing for bass. Using the color of the natural food source is advised. This will ensure that the bass don’t sit around looking at your bait instead of biting it.

Spinners and crankbait are very good if the bass are being aggressive. During the spring months when they’re more aggressive, this type of bait can be very useful. Use a heavier line if they’re being aggressive enough that a lighter line would snap. Lighter lines should be used only if the bass are being very cautious in their bites. All of this won’t help any if you don’t remember that bass will be spooked by loud noises.

Canada smallmouth bass fishing is great for any angler who is looking to have an experience unlike any other. When you plan a trip to Canada for fishing take these tips and apply them. You are bound to have a trip you won’t soon forget and catch some great smallmouth bass.

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