Best Bait to Catch Largemouth Bass

So which of these is going to be the best choice for you when you go bass fishing? That depends entirely on what the situation is. On clear days, and in clear waters, you can’t go wrong with live bait. Bass will go for their natural foods much easier since this is what they’re use to eating. While live bait is great for getting the bass to bite its natural food source, their life span is very limited. If you’re looking for an all day fishing session this might not be the bait for you.

Crankbait resemble crawfish and bait fish that bass like to eat. This type of bait is especially good for larger bass. Since these baits are artificial they can come in all sizes, shapes and colors. This makes them very good situational baits. Jigs are also great situational baits. Jigs are great for getting your bait on the bottom if you’re looking to hook some deeper water bass.

To catch the bass more close to the surface you’ll want to use some topwater plugs. As the name suggests, this bait sits on the top of the water and entices the bass to come up for its food. These are great baits for beginners and those who actually want to see the bass catch the line. This makes for a great experience as you can see the bass come out of the water.

Lastly we have spinnerbaits. These baits are perfect for trolling into schools of bass. They attract a lot of attention without disturbing the bass. This makes it perfect for the angler who wants to keep on the move with their bait. If you’re looking to catch bass on the move, spinnerbaits are going to be perfect for you.

All of this will help you to catch largemouth bass easier. You will enjoy the experience more and have an easier time hooking one. Whether in a lake, pond, stream or river you’ll find that applying this information on your next fishing trip will increase your chances of success. Determine the best type of bait for your situation and personal preference and start catching largemouth bass today.

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