Texas Bass Fishing Tips And Insider Techniques

The optimum depth in the lakes during those months is about 12 feet so be sure to use a Texas rig for the best possible results. In terms of bait, a crankbait or plastic worm will have the best possible results.

South Texas
Again, there are a number of lakes around the area that would be of major interest to bass fishing enthusiast. Choke Canyon and Falcon Reservoir should definitely be a port of call for you when you are heading to Texas for a spot of fishing. Falcon Reservoir is not held in as high esteem as some of the other lakes are but the fact that fewer people visit has allowed the bass population to flourish. Choke Canyon also provides an excellent home for bass and, as such, could be just what you need if you are looking for bass fishing action. There is a lot of vegetation around the banks of the lake and this is a favourite hideout for the bass, which does give you a head start. A spinnerbait will work well on these lakes, but the bass are quite receptive anyway because the lake has fewer visitors every year than some of the other
Texas lakes do.

Finally, there is one lake that deserves a special mention Lake Ray Roberts. This lake is a paradise for any bass fishing enthusiast because the bass population is absolutely massive and there are plenty of places for them to hide! Experts have given various tips on how to catch the bass, involving Carolina rigs with plastic worms as bait. Fishing in the hydrilla beds will bring you great success in early spring and right through to late April. It is suitable for fishing throughout the year, but the bass will be very responsive if you had there in March!

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