Michigan Bass Fishing Lure Reviews

I am trying to give the impression of a wounded fish in the water.  After this short series of jabs I begin a faster pace on my retrieve.  This is when most of the strikes will occur.  Fishing a topwater bait is an act of patience and guile that is not for everyone.  You really need to think like a fish would think when fishing in this manner.

When the middle of summer comes you really need to adjust your fishing profile.  In Michigan this means late June, July and August.  In these months Largemouth Bass become far less active.  They will typically move into deeper water at this time.  In the cooler months you can catch these bass with crankbaits.  In hot water conditions however they will not move fast enough to attack a crankbait unless perhaps it is moved right under their nose.  This is where the plastic worm comes in.  This bait is designed to be fished slowly and near the bottom.

You should select a large plastic worm for summer fishing.  Summer bass are inactive and want to expend less energy feeding. They prefer one large meal to a series of smaller harder to catch meals.  Cast it as far as you can and begin a slow retrieve.  I like to occasionally lift the worm about two to three feet off the bottom and allow it to sink. You will catch many fish on the drop, much like you do when fishing a spinnerbait as we discussed earlier.

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