Virginia Bass Fishing

Below is a list of a few of the lakes and rivers that are found in Virginia that are considered excellent. This list of lakes and rivers will give you a good idea where to get started when you go bass fishing in Virginia.
If you have friends or relatives living in Virginia talk to them about the different areas they would recommend for you to try your hand at bass fishing. If you are new to Virginia and don’t know anyone living in the area you can always talk to bait shop owners and other fishermen you see when visiting different lakes and rivers to see where they would recommend you go. Normally, anglers love to share information about where the bass is located with other anglers.

How to Catch Bass in Virginia

Most any technique that works for catching bass in any other state will also work very well in Virginia. Night time fishing can prove to be very productive for several reasons. For one, this is the time that the bass feed more aggressively. Another reason night time bass fishing can be more productive is because there are less people out on the lakes and rivers disturbing the waters and scaring the fish away.

Anglers need to be at their best and most creative during the month of august as this is a difficult time to catch bass in this state. Most of the tactics that were used during the late fall and spring seasons will not work as well by this time as they did in the beginning. However, a little imagination can go a long way. Have fun bass fishing in Virginia!

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