Tips for the right bass fishing hooks

Straight Shank Hooks – The straight shank is an excellent choice when you’re fishing with live bait. The unique design allows the live bait to move around more naturally, which in turn attracts more bass.

J-Hooks – The J-hook is the oldest and best known type of fishing hook. It’s probably the one that most anglers choose when they’re first learning how to fish.

The type of hook you use will mostly depend on your own personal preference but trying different ones depending on the type of bait you use can make a difference. At the very least, it’s something worth experimenting with.

Methods Used to Set the Hook

Even though there are several different styles and sizes of hooks, there are only two different ways to set the hook. Some of the hooks should be set with a snap of the wrist in a quick jerk that will force the hook through the mouth of the bass. These include the J-hook and the shank hooks.

The circle hooks are designed to set themselves when the bass takes the baits. Avoid jerking the line when using these hooks or you’ll most likely pull it right out of their mouth. Use a slow and steady pace to reel in the bass once they completely take the hook.

When fishing for bass it’s important to realize this is one savvy species. They can spot a hook and know that it’s something to avoid if too much of it is left showing. This is why using the right size hook is so important. It needs to be matched to the same size bait so it can be camouflaged by the bait. Always pay attention to what’s going on around you and to your fishing line so the bass won’t steal your bait away without you even noticing.

Take the time to inspect your hooks every so often to make sure they’re in good condition. A dull hook needs to be sharpened or discarded. If the point of the hook (or any other part) has been damaged in any way, they should be replaced. The hook is an inexpensive part of your gear but a very important one. Don’t take them granted and you’ll improve the amount of success you can enjoy.

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