5 Summer Bass Fishing Tips

When the cold weather breaks and spring brings in the warmer weather, the bass are active and ready to feed. Fall is another excellent time to fish for bass. During these two seasons, the water temperature is just right for the bass and they feed aggressively. That’s why so many anglers hit the water during these two seasons. However, in the summer when the sun heats up the water, many bass fishermen tend to hang up the rod and reels for a while but this is not necessary.
Many believe that once the water heats up and the sun is shining bright, the bass will no longer bite. They wait until fall when the cooler temperatures return before going bass fishing again. It’s true that it may be a little more difficult and the bass won’t be as active due to the warmer water but don’t hang up your fishing rods yet. You can still catch bass in the summer too!
The bass may be harder to catch in the summer but there are a few tips that you can use to help you find and catch them during this season. Did you know that you could catch some of the largest bass in your area during the summer? This has a lot to do with the fact that the food is not as plentiful and most aquatic creatures are naturally a little more sluggish when the water is warm. Due to this fact, the bass are hungry and in search of a tasty meal so, all you have to do is find where they are hiding out and give it to them.
Here are 5 summer bass fishing tips to help you catch more bass during this season:
1. Fish in rivers every chance you get instead of lakes. The moving current provides more oxygen for the bass in the summer. Therefore, they stay a little more active in rivers than the ones you find in lakes. Cast your line upstream and allow the current to move it down through the strike zone where it will get the attention of the bass. Slow to moderately flowing water is the most productive because it won’t move the bait too fast.
2. You can go out to the deeper parts of the water to fish for bass because many of them will go to the deeper water in search of cooler temperatures. However, this makes them more difficult to find and you may be overlooking some of the best fishing areas in the water when you do this. Instead of heading straight out to the deeper parts of the water when fishing for bass, try fishing weed beds, bays and shallow tributaries first. The bass can find food around these and the weeds provide more oxygen. As a result, some of the larger bass tend to spend the summer months in these areas.
3. Get out there and go fishing at night every chance you get. The water is cooler and the bass are more active. They tend to move in closer to the shore at night and this makes them easier to find as well. Since things will be a lot quieter at night, it’s important for you to be extra careful and avoid making any excessive noise. Some of the best places to start your fishing trip would be around humps and gravel points. You should also use dark colored lures when fishing at night.
4. Use your fish finder to look for bass suspended over underwater structures. The best place to find them in the summer is over brush piles. Try fishing with bucktails and spinnerbait in these areas for the best results. They will also be in other structures such as sunken boats or anything that will provide them with a place to hide.
5. If all else fails, try fishing with live bait. It will be very hard for a hungry bass to pass up an easy but tasty meal. Use shad, crayfish, shiner minnows and worms for the best results. Make sure your bait is fresh and active and you’ll get more bites.
Using these summer bass fishing tips can make summer fishing more productive. If you’re one of the fishermen that only dreams about bass fishing in the summer, you can now turn that dream into a reality and actually catch fish while on the water. You don’t have to find another way to spend your free time during the summer so keep those rods and reels handy.
Once you see how many fish you can catch by altering the methods you normally use just a little, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. The bass are still there and most of them are hungry during the summer. It’s simply a matter of finding them and then providing a tasty meal they can’t refuse.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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