5 Secrets For Arkansas Bass Fishing

Now that you know where to fish, you really want to know what to fish with.  The best lure for the bass in Arkansas is the frog lure.  When you are in the  lily pads, jump your frog on them.  Bass can not resist any shadow on a lily  pad and will attack the shadow.

If your frog is on the pad, you will get your  bass quite easily.  But the biggest secret is that you can be even more effective with a frog in the open water and away from the grasses.  You just need to find a patch of pollen and float the frog on top of it.  The bass can not resist the frogs on top of the pollen.

This spot is a favorite of the bass, but most of the fishermen leave these areas alone and fish on the lily pads.  The smart angler will find these pollen patches and work the areas that are mostly isolated.  The chance of catching a large bass here is greatly optimized.

This final secret of the 5 secrets for Arkansas bass fishing is dedicated to  summer fishing when the bass are deeper in the lake.  When you are fishing  these conditions, the best bait to use is spinner bait.  You will get more  strikes with this type of bait than any other.

This is because the spinning bait can be seen in the darker water.  It will attract the fish and they will be enticed to strike.  Not many of the other lures or types of bait will have this property to them.  You will also want to use this spinner bait in any area where the bass schools are thick.  You can find these areas under logs and other shaded areas.  They tent go congregate and hang out in these spots in big groups.  You need something that will really attract their attention.

If you follow these 5 secrets for Arkansas bass fishing then you will not go home many days without even having a nibble on the line.  You will bring in some decent sized fish and you will have a great time.  You can use the handy bait secrets on any other lake.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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