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3 Winter Bass Fishing Tactics

To consistently catch fish in winter, you need to understand a little about Limnology, which is, in part, the study of how fresh water behaves in a lake. The Three basic things you need to know is that (a) Water is most dense at 39 degrees F., (b) Ice is less dense than liquid water, and (c) The water in a lake is made up of three layers: The epilimnion, which is heavily oxygenated, warm and goes down [...]

Where to find Wisconsin Bass Tournaments

Wisconsin offers some of the amazing fishing out there so if you get a chance to check it out you definitely want to take advantage of it. Bass tournaments are very common in these areas so be ready for them. A common question I get is how to get started with them. There are many ways can get yourself involved so the key thing is when you want to make it happen. More than 80,000 anglers compete in [...]

Five White Bass Lures and How to Use Them

White Bass (Morone chrysops), is a freshwater member of the family of true basses, which include the Yellow, Striped and Sea Basses. They migrate across lakes and up and down rivers in search of their favorite prey….shad. They also hit other baitfish, as the opportunity presents itself. White Bass prefer open water, over a sandy, or rocky bottom, hence their nickname…Sand Bass. They are [...]

Three Secrets to Ultimate Bass Fishing

The biggest trick to catching bass is learning to read the water, and use suitable tactics for the prevailing conditions. Each lake is different, and each lake can be different on different days. There are two main conditions to consider when figuring out a plan of action: clear water, and stained water. Fish behave differently in each of these situations. Some waters are very fertile, with lots of [...]

4 New Bass Fishing Tips for Washington

There are two types of Black Bass in the US. The Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides), and the Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus Dolomieu). They have different behavior, and inhabit different enviornments, although they can over lap. They do not inter-breed. There is a subspecies of Largemouth known as the Florida Largemouth (Micropterus Salmoides Floridanus). It only lives in Florida, and it’s [...]

What to watch for when looking at used bass boats?

What to watch for when looking at used bass boats? There are several things to watch for when looking to buy a used bass boat that may be very important in the long run. Even if the boat you are looking at seems to be the deal of a life time you may end up with some headaches after the purchase so don’t let the lowest priced boat hook you into the purchase. Before you get too interested in the [...]

Do you have any new tips for catching striped bass?

What you should know about bass fishing tournaments in North Carolina

Bass fishing in North Carolina is excellent and a great place for the serious angler to show off his or her talents. Entering a tournament is fun, exciting and many of them offer some nice prizes for the winners. When you enter one of these contests, you go up against other anglers who enjoy the sport as much as you do and who likes to show off their fishing skills. North Carolina bass fishing tournaments [...]

Four Best Bass Fishing Lakes

Bass fishing, one of the world’s most popular sports, is enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages all over the globe. It’s a sport that gets you in touch with nature while filling your day with fun and excitement. It’s a great way for families to bond and spend quality time together and for friends to enhance their relationships and get to know each other better. Bass fishing [...]

How to find bass fishing report for Texas

Finding a bass fishing report for Texas can be done by going to the Texas Department of Parks and Wild Life website at The Texas Department of Parks and Wild Life gathers information from fisherman that use any state park or state controlled body of water (lake, river, and reservoir) for fishing. The website does not [...]

What to look for in a bass fishing reel and rod

When bass fishing the reel and rod you use can mean all the difference in the world. It can determine if you come home with a nice catch or if you return home empty handed. The right rod and reel combination will make it easier to get the bait in the strike zone, tell when you have a bite and make it easier for you to reel in the catch when you do hook a bass. You don’t have to buy the most [...]

Why you should read this bass fishing article

Reading bass fishing articles can provide you with information you value later on. Being able to explore information about bass fishing is what it is all about. You really don’t know how much you don’t know until you find out more about it. If you think you have all of the answers about bass fishing then you are mistaken. Ironically, it is often the little things that can make a huge difference [...]

How was the biggest bass ever caught?

Many anglers dream of holding the title of catching the biggest bass ever. This would be an amazing feat and something you could be very proud of. Just imagine how it would feel to pass the current record and have your name announced as the new winner of this amazing and much sought after title. At this time, the title goes to a man named George Perry from South Georgia. It was caught on June 2nd in [...]

How To Kick Some Bass at Cedar Creek Lake, Tx

Hi Dan – my 11 year old fishing fanatic has finally saved enough money to go bass fishing in Texas. He’s been dreaming about this for two years!

Hi Dan – my 11 year old fishing fanatic has finally saved enough money to go bass fishing in Texas. He’s been dreaming about this for two years! We wanted to go in April and are trying to find the best place to go that also had a good selection of guides. (I don’t fish so the guide is going to be important). It looks like Feb. and March may be a better time to go – should we [...]

Where can I find information about bass fishing tournaments in North Carolina?

Where can I find information about bass fishing tournaments in North Carolina?

What do I need to look for when I buy a bass fishing boat?

What do I need to look for when I buy a bass fishing boat?

How To Kick Some Bass……

What is a good bait to use right now (March 4, 2010) for spawning white bass in Harmon Creek or White Rock Creek- both are tributaries of Lake Livingston, Texas

What to look for in a Bass Fishing Boat

When buying a bass fishing boat there are several things that you need to look for. This is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make so you want to make sure you get something that you’ll be happy with for a long time. Bass fishing from the shore is fun and exciting but when you have a bass boat, you can reach more secluded areas where the bass are more plentiful. It gives you more [...]

Three Bass Fishing Tactics to use in Ohio

Bass fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports being enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It has much to offer anyone who enjoys spending time outside in the fresh air. It’s great to gather together with friends and family and head out to the water to do a little fishing but this sport is also great for the professional angler looking for a challenge. There are many tournaments [...]
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