Where To Find The Top Trophy Bass Fishing Lakes

Lake Toho is actually the first lake found in the Kissimmee Chain and it’s the home of the biggest bass found anywhere. It’s one of the most popular bass fishing lakes found in Florida because of the large bass that it produces. Not only is it filled with anglers who want a chance to reel in a trophy bass but it’s also a great place to hold bass tournaments and many of them are held here. It has been rated the best trophy bass fishing lake in the nation by magazines such as Bassin’, Bassmaster and In-Fisherman.

Some of the other lakes that are part of the Kissimmee Chain that can also produce trophy fish include Lake Hatchineha and Cypress Lake. However, these lakes are not as popular as Lake Toho.

Mexico Trophy Bass Fishing

When it comes to trophy bass fishing you will find some of the best in the world located in the lakes of Mexico. You will find some of the biggest bass in the older lakes located throughout Mexico but they are more abundant in some of the newer lakes. Therefore, where you go will mainly depend on whether you want the largest bass you can catch or several larger than normal size bass. Many anglers visit Mexico just for the great bass fishing. It’s where memories are made and stories are created.

Keep in mind that when you’re seeking out trophy bass you need to be prepared.
Always use heavy duty equipment that won’t break under the stress of reeling in a large bass. Use larger bait to attract the biggest fish. Trophy fish won’t waste their time on a skimpy meal, they will be searching for something more appetizing.

It’s important to put your safety first as well. Fishing in unknown waters can be dangerous. Take all safety precautions and never take unnecessary chances so, your trophy bass fishing adventure will be filled only with great memories of when you reeled in that big one.

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