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Night fishing is recommended because the bass are even more aggressive during the night than they are during the day. It’s also quieter and fewer anglers out on the water and this always makes for better fishing. The best time to go bass fishing is during the spring spawning season but the worse time is usually during August and September because the bass tend to avoid all the normal tactics that have been overused throughout the spawning season. However, you can still be successful and reel in the fish you just have to be more creative to entice them to take your bait.

Basic Information Concerning Bass

When it comes to the kind of baits to use there are several options that will work very well. Shad, herring and worms are the best options when it comes to live bait and a variety of artificial lures will work well when fishing for bass. It’s best to experiment to determine what works best in any given situation.

The bass are one of the most aggressive feeders there is and they are very territorial. It is not uncommon at all for them to strike at anything that invades their space and many times they will chase their food. This makes choosing bait easier and it means that they can often be enticed to strike your line, even when they’re not hungry or interested in your offering.

Many anglers prefer seeking out the largemouth bass because they are not at all picky about what they eat. If they can fit it in their mouth and it invades their area, they will bite. They were given the name largemouth because the upper jawbone will stretch up past their eyes allowing them to open their mouths wider than any other bass. In fact, they can open their mouth so wide they could actually swallow their head! They can grow larger than the other types of bass too. The smallmouth bass is a lot of fun to catch because they’re extremely strong and stout despite their smaller size. They can give you a fight that you won’t soon forget.

The stripped bass is not a native of Virginia but once it was introduced to a few of the waters it adapted very well. They seem to respond better to shad than any other type of bait but they will strike at other baits as well. The spotted bass is easily confused with the smallmouth bass because they are so similar.

The main difference is that the spotted bass has spots on their sides where the smallmouth has vertical bars on the sides and one spot on the gills.

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