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4 best bass fishing lures

If you are a novice wanting to explore the possibilities of using lures to harvest white, striped, large and smallmouth bass, the myriad of choices can seem daunting. But take heart. All is not lost. There is no one, two, thee, or four ‘best’ bass lures. The ‘best bass lure is whatever your are catching bass on at the time. Different lures work better at different times, in different [...]

5 best bass fishing techniques for lakes

There are many ways to fish for Largemouth Bass, including fly fishing. There is no one “best” way to fish for them. To start with, you have two main choices, live-bait, or lures. Most people opt for lures. Mostly because they out-perform bait under most conditions. But there are those who still prefer to use bait. Baitfishing for LG Bass is pretty straight-forward. You need a Med to Heavy [...]

Four tips when bass fishing on a lake

There are two types of Black Bass in the US. The Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides), and the Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus Dolomieu). They have different behavior, and inhabit different enviornments, although they can over lap. They do not inter-breed. There is a subspecies of Largemouth known as the Florida Largemouth (Micropterus Salmoides Floridanus). It only lives in Florida, and it’s [...]

5 Summer Bass Fishing Tips

When the cold weather breaks and spring brings in the warmer weather, the bass are active and ready to feed. Fall is another excellent time to fish for bass. During these two seasons, the water temperature is just right for the bass and they feed aggressively. That’s why so many anglers hit the water during these two seasons. However, in the summer when the sun heats up the water, many bass fishermen [...]

Three Bass Fishing Knots – how to tie, when to use them

Learning all about bass fishing knots is an important part of fishing. In fact, they can have a huge effect on how successful you become so, it’s important that you learn how to tie them correctly. Some new anglers underestimate the importance of tying knots and don’t put a lot of effort into learning how to do them right. When you take a few minutes to think about it you can see why and [...]

Three smallmouth bass fishing secrets for Ontario, Canada

Smallmouth bass fishing in Ontario, Canada is amazing, which is why so many anglers travel to this area just to fish. The smallmouth is one of the most popular bass species sought out today and they will put up a very strong fight when hooked. They were named smallmouth because their mouth is much smaller than the largemouth bass but they are very similar in other ways. It’s important to know [...]

What does a smallmouth bass look like?

The smallmouth bass is one of the most popular game fish being sought out today. Anglers of all ages and skill levels fish for this species because they make any fishing trip fun and exciting. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you can seek out the smallmouth bass. Many professionals fish for them in tournaments for cash and prizes but they’re an excellent species for the weekend [...]

Four fishing tactics for all bass anglers

Techniques for catching trophy bass will vary according to the season. Bass migrate like crappie, but to a much lesser extent. They seldom more more than 1/2 mile from their established territory. Bass are viciously territorial, and many time attack lures out of anger, rather than hunger. In late spring and summer, after the spawn, bass will move back and forth, along regular routes from their established [...]

Four Bass Baits To Try

Bass fishing is a popular sport enjoyed by all types of anglers. Being around water seems to have a calming effect that you can’t get with just any sport. This is one reason why so many people enjoy going fishing. You get to sit back and relax while taking in all the beautiful scenery around the water. Then, when you catch a bass, the excitement begins. Not many sports are so relaxing and exciting [...]

Five Free Bass Fishing Tips

Bass fishing is and will continue to be a multi-billion dollar sport. It’s one of the most popular game fish around and anglers all over the globe seek out this fish. It’s something that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or skill. You don’t have to put a lot of money into gear to have a fun and successful fishing trip and you can have as much fun fishing from the shore as you can [...]

Bass Fishing Info

Bass fishing is one of the most popular sports enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages. Anyone can fish for bass and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to have a good time. You can catch bass on ever the most basic equipment but it is wise to use good quality gear to avoid losing the fish you hook. The bass is known for being a strong fish that will fight hard against the line when [...]

Where to find bass boats for sale in missouri

If you are looking for a bass boat for sale in Missouri you have many options. Boat Trader is one of my favorites because they cater right to this particular market. They offer plenty of options for looking at photos and they allow you to be able to browse at your leisure. At the same time you will be able to enjoy contacting people for additional information. The bummer though is that you may find [...]

Three tactics for bass fishing in winter

To consistently catch fish in winter, you need to understand a little about Limnology, which is, in part, the study of how fresh water behaves in a lake. The Three basic things you need to know is that (a) Water is most dense at 39 degrees F., (b) Ice is less dense than liquid water, and (c) The water in a lake is made up of three layers: The epilimnion, which is heavily oxygenated, warm and goes down [...]

4 best bass fishing baits

If you are targeting bass, the only bait you need concern yourself with is lures. Black Bass are very active predators, and have uncontrollable attack triggers when the right stimuli is received. Lures out-perform live bait for bass at least 5 to one. There are a few reasons for this. One is that a hooked bait does not act like natural prey. It doesn’t move much, or cover much territory. Bass [...]

Which features do I need in a bass fishing reel and rod?

I am searching for the best bass fishing bait

I am searching for the best bass fishing bait

Early To Bass and Early To Rise…

when do the bass start biteing in bartlett illinois?

Bass, From Top To Bottom

if it is pre spawning or spawning time, where will the bass most likely be feeding, on the top, or the bottom?

What do striped bass eat? Best baits to use

When talking about Striped Bass (Morone saxatilus), it is important to keep in mind that, even though Science still considers them one species, there are two distinct varieties: The anadromous, inshore Stripped Bass, and the land-locked, freshwater Striped Bass, also known as a Striper, or Rockfish. They have very different culinary preferences. Land-locked Striped Bass came into being soon after completion [...]

Where does the largemouth bass live and how to catch them

The Largemouth Bass is one of my favorite fish to catch. I am often asked where to find them and how to catch them. They live in a variety of different locations all over the USA. They thrive in water that is clear and where the temperatures range from 75 to 85 degrees. However, they can also live in cooler regions out there and survive in some close to freezing temperatures. That type of diversity [...]
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