Bass Fishing Techniques For Toho Florida

Lake Toho By Boat

Bass fishing by boat can really be a rush in the spring and summer because it will give you access to hundreds of fantastic spots. There are many boat hire places just off the lake with some of the best being Whaley’s Boat Ramp (off Lake Tohopekaliga Road), Granada Boat Ramp (off Ridgeway Drive), Partin Triangle Boat Ramp (off Neptune Road) and Southport Boat Ramp (off Southport Road). All of the above are highly accessible and are best placed to give you access to the deeper waters in the middle of the lake where bass tend to go as the sun rises and the air temperature warms up in the summer months.  However, on the days on which you decide to rent a boat, be sure to get there early because the lake soon fills up during the summer months. The early worm certainly does catch the bass!

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