Three good baits for striped bass

You can use spinnerbaits in all types of water and during any season. They closely resemble the natural food source of the striped bass and most anglers will agree they work very well for attracting this species.

Basic Information

The more you know about the striped bass the easier it will be for you to choose the right bait. Learn to look around and see what baitfish is in the area so you know what the striped bass is feeding off of naturally. Overtime, you will also be able to look at the surroundings and know where the most likely places are to find this species.

The bass is different from many of the other species when it comes to bait. For example, when fishing for the crappie you want to match the natural food source in the area that you are fishing for the best results. With the striped bass, you should learn what the natural food source is in the area and then choose bait that is different but still something they are attracted to. This will get their attention and entice them into taking the bait faster.

The striped bass can be very unpredictable and can be hard to find sometimes because they tend to scatter out. Start by looking for baitfish such as shad and when you find them the bass should be close by. They do prefer clear water so this will help you locate them quicker but on the downside; they can see you better too and will be scared away if you’re not careful.

In the hot summer they will be out in the deeper parts of the water but will move back inland as the water begins to cool down. They will be around structures, inlets, banks and estuaries during the spawning season. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little to determine which option is working the best. The striped bass can put up an amazing fight so be sure and check your equipment before heading out. You don’t want to lose a nice catch due to faulty gear.

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