3 Sneaky Striped Bass Fishing Techniques

When casting your line you should sneakily aim several yards in front of the striped bass. The reason for this is that if you aim for the fish itself, your bait will end up behind the fish instead of in front of it. You must cast your line in front of the fish to account for movement of the fish as you cast your line.

Another sneaky tactic for catching striped bass is by using a special type of bait. Striped bass love to eat smaller fish, so by using a smaller fish as bait you will be able to catch tons of striped bass in no time. It is important to understand the eating habits of the striped bass. They like to eat small fish such as flounder, sea herring, as well as sand lance. These types of fish can usually be purchased at a local bait shop.

When the striped bass sees the fish (on your hook) it will immediately attack, thinking it is a real fish. The fact of the matter is that it is a real fish; it is just attached to your hook. This works even better if you can use live bait.
The best way to do this is by catching smaller fish first, and then using them as bait to catch larger fish. These smaller fish are a small price to pay for getting the catch of the day. By using these sneaky fishing techniques for catching striped bass you will be able to catch more fish than you can handle.

The best fishermen are the sneaky fisherman that knows how to get ahead of the game!

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