How To Catch Striped Bass On The Hudson River

In Conclusion

Each year the Hudson River is full of striped bass and anglers searching for a chance to get in on some of the action. This game fish is quite a fighter making each fishing trip one to remember. They can grow very large but even the smaller ones are a challenge to catch and reel in. This is what makes it so exciting and why all types of anglers love to fish for the striped bass.

Besides the large amounts of striped bass another thing that makes the Hudson River so popular is the fact that fishing from the banks of the river is just as productive as going out on a boat. This way everyone can enjoy some great fishing even if you don’t have access to a boat. If you are just visiting the area you can travel lighter and not have to worry about hauling a boat around.

Striper bass fishing is a great sport for anyone, you don’t have to be a professional to have fun and reel in a nice catch. You can be a novice fisherman and still have a great time. All you need is the equipment, time, patience and a desire to do some fishing. Add this to being on the Hudson River during spawning season and the results will be a great fishing trip that you will always remember.

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