How To Catch Bass In Ontario Canada

It’s important to match the size of the bait with the size of the bass. Sometimes you need to experiment with different sizes before you find the prefect one to get the most bites. You may also need to try different baits to discover which one works the best at any given time. The key to success is not getting stuck in a rut and doing the same thing each time you go out on the water. You need variety to keep things interesting.

Whenever you’re fishing in a stream it’s suggested that you cast your line upstream and let it drift down through the strike zone and spinnerbait and crankbait are good choices when the bass are being very aggressive. Black, green and brown are some of the best color jigs to use that will attract the bass the fastest in the waters of Ontario. You do need to be careful and not use lures that make a lot of noise because this will spook the bass and send them swimming away.

Always try to present your bait as naturally as possible for the best results. If the bait is moving too quickly or at weird angles the bass will avoid it instead of being attracted by it. That’s why it’s vital to work on your presentation to improve it as much as possible.

The bass is an extraordinary species that provides lots of fun and excitement. New and experienced anglers seek after them on a regular basis and Ontario Canada is an excellent place to take a fishing trip. If you have never visited this area in the past it would be worth your time to plan at least one bass fishing trip here to see what all the talk is about. Most likely, you will be planning many more to follow.

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