A List Of Plastic Bass Baits That Trigger Strikes

Another suggestion that bears mentioning are soft plastic jerkbaits.  These baits mimic injured baitfish and can be used as sight fishing lures, but can also be weighted and fished a bit deeper when you need to.

Soft plastic jerk baits that work well under varying conditions are the Culprit jerk worm, the kicker fish shad stick, the Culprit Jerk Shad, the Lake Fork Magic Shad, and the Gambler Super Stud.  These jerk baits have different things to offer, and work under most any condition you could experience when it comes to catching bass!

Plastic Lizards work well too when it comes to catching bass, and any of the following will certainly get the job done:  Culprit Lizard, Zoom Lizard, Yum Lizard, and the Luck E Strike Lizard.Plastic crawdads are in most bass anglers’ tackle box too, that is, when they are not on the end of their hooks luring big bass into their live wells.  Consider the following:  Gene Larew Salt Craw, Gambler Flappy Daddy, and the Gambler Flappy Daddy, Jr.

Now, don’t forget the soft plastic grub when it comes to catching bass.  It might be the smallest soft plastic in your tackle box, but it can often times outcatch anything else in there.  Try Yum grubs, or a four or five inch Gonzo Grub, and see if it does not work well for you!

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