A List Of The 10 Best Bass Fshing Baits Of All Time

Inline spinners like those manufactured by Mepps are another excellent bass bait.  They are also used for active bass.  They are in many ways a middle ground between the crankbait and spinnerbait. When fishing for active bass the spinnerbait works best in the top third of the water, the inline spinner works best in the middle third and the crankbait is king in the bottom third of the water.

Spoons can often be used to catch extremely large bass.  Spoons are designed to imitate very large forage fish for bass and will only catch the largest fish.  You will not have a good catch ratio using this lure but will often catch trophy fish.

Flipping baits are somewhat new to the bass fishing hobby.  These are plastic lures designed to mimic frogs or lizards and other creatures bass feed on.  They are designed to be used in close proximity to the target area.  Rather than casting them out they are flipped or pitched into the target area and works with the rod tip rather than the reel.

Live bait would be the tenth and really the best way to catch bass, or any other species for that matter.  There are many different live baits that work well for bass.  Nitecrawlers, crayfish, frogs, leeches and small fish of different species and sizes can all be used effectively to catch bass.  You can suspend them underneath a bobber or freeline them to catch fish of all sizes.  You can also add them to many of the artificial lures we discussed such as jigs.

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