Where I can I do some bass fishing in Mexico near Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada?

dan, i am going on a cruise to mexico. we will have stops in both ensenada and cabo san lucas and was wondering if you knew of any local fishing guides or lakes that have bass fishing. any info would be greatly appriciated. thanks, can’t have a vacation without bass fishing, todd

If you are stopping in Cabo San Lucas, the bass fishing is going to be great in this area. The one charter I know about in this area is the Cortez Yacht Charters. This charter service has been around for a long time and has a great reputation. The guide has over forty years of experience with bass fishing and twenty-six in the Cabo San Lucas area. Take the single day charter and you will come back with your catch of bass. The charters are all-inclusive and include everything you need including the drinks. Just make sure to have prior reservations and tell them you want to fish for bass. It is going to depend when you are traveling to these two areas. The bass fishing is better in June and July, but iffy in March and April. May is a good month, but with Calico sea bass. Ensenada is where you will find the charter guide Cass Del Sol. This is a well-known charter group with different size and styles of boats to charter. I think it is easier to charter than it is to go it yourself, especially if you are only going to have a day for fishing. You will have better luck with a charter service. The fishing down in Mexico is quite impressive for any type of fishing. You might even want to try your hand at landing a marlin while down there. That is what many anglers dream of doing some day for the thrill and excitement.

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  1. Bob Mauldin says:

    Hi Dan,
    I think you missed the species on this one. I believe Todd is looking for freshwater largemouth bass, not sea bass. While there are a number of great lakes for bass fishing in Mexico, non of them are close enough to Cabo or Ensenada for a day trip.

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