What are the best colors for rubber worms for bass?

what are the best colors for rubber worms for bass

Rubber worms work wonders for bass, no matter what type of bass you are fishing for nor where you are going fishing. It is a fact though that the color does make a difference when you are trying to catch bass. Many bass fishing enthusiasts experiement with different colors and sizes to find those that work best in a specific area and under specific conditions. However, if you want a little advice for the ones that work best then look no further! The conditions should determine the colors you use when fishing for bass with rubber worms. For example, if you are fishing in clear waters then you will need to use more translucent rubber worms in order to catch the light as far as possible and capture the attention of the bass. Blues, greens and pearl colors work best, although some bass fishing enthusiasts swear by those with a smokier hue. However, when there is no light, wither at night or in darker waters, then you will need to use opaque worms in darker colors so that the solid block will attract the attention of the bass. Purple, black, gray, navy and brown are all good colors for murkier waters. If you do want to try something different then rubber worms that are two tone in color are perhaps the best options. They seem to do really well, providing that the dominant color is bright. For example, bright red or yellow works well when paired with blue or brown.

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