Three Secrets For Bass Fishing In Cold Water

3.     The final secret to bass fishing in cold water is to fish in February. This is the best time to get the bass while the water is cold. During certain times of the day in February, the bass begin to start their feeding binges that will become more ferocious as the water warms.

The water is still cold, and there will not be much competition. If you are stream or river fishing then you want to wait until the water is beginning to rise. This is the time when the bass will be starting their feeding. This is perfect if you are looking to hook a couple large small mouth bass.  Again, you do not want to go for the smaller fish as these will not really be worth the trouble. The time and circumstances are perfect for getting one or two really good sized fish. While it may be fun to catch the little ones too, the large bass will really make your day.

Those who prefer the lake can still enjoy great fishing in February while the water is still cold. The previous secret about deep lake fishing still holds true at this time. There will be periods of time when the fish will begin their feeding and you will be able to land a large bass or two.

If you follow these three secrets for fishing for bass in cold water then you will be assured a nice catch or two. You simply need to find the large fish as you do not want to fish for a bunch of small fish. One or two large bass will more than make up for a day on the lake.

Fishing in cold water also means fishing in deeper waters on the lake, stream or river. The best cold water fishing is in February when the bass are beginning to feed.

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