Three Favorite Baits for Bass Fishing

What Influences the Way Bass Respond to Bait?

There are many things that influence the way bass respond to the bait you’re offering. Normally, they will be attracted to anything that is similar to their natural food source but how well they’ll respond will depend on many things. For example, the time of day will make a difference in how the bass respond to the bait because they are more active in the early morning and late evening than they will be in the middle of the day.

The time of year will make a difference in how the bass react to the bait you choose because they respond differently depending on the temperature of the water. Therefore, some baits work great when the water is cool while others will get a better response in warm water. Even the depth of the water will make a big difference in how the bass respond and which baits should be used.

The bass will always feed more aggressively in the spawning season than at any other time of the year and they are the least active in the winter. As a result, they will go after about anything when spawning but you have to present more alluring bait in the winter when they’re not as active. You have to entice them and make them want it. This is why presentation is so important. If you don’t present the bait in a way that gets their attention you won’t get as many bites.

Basically, everything influences the way bass respond to bait. Therefore, anyone wanting to improve their skills so they can reel in more bait would benefit by learning as much as they can about the bass, their habitat and the patterns they follow. The more you know about bass, the easier it will be to choose the right baits in any given situation.

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