Three best bass fishing tips and tricks

As such, you should fish where their prey can be located and can easily follow them when they move in schools. Always assess the temperature of the water before you begin to fish and you will find that you have no need to correct your technique a little later on in the day when your catch rate is not as good as it should be.

The third tip is to fish only as fast as the bass are moving at any given time.This tip is particularly important and one that is all about patience. It is so tempting to fish fast right from the start but there is nothing wrong with fishing slowly from time to time, especially first thing in the morning so that you can gage the reaction of the fish.

Of course, there is one sure way to find out how fast or slow you have to fish – the temperature. If the lake is cold then the fish will move slowly because they are cold blooded creatures. However, if it is warmer then the likelihood is that the fish will be active and absolutely jumping.

Always look to the temperature for your speed guide and then stick to it!

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