Striped Bass Fishing

As you seek out your own little nook in the lake, fishing etiquette requires that you do everything possible not to disrupt the fishermen who are already parked. Of course, not everyone who goes striped bass fishing during the crazed summer months adheres to these courtesies, but they are understood among fishermen. Should someone disturb your area, once you’ve chosen it, and you wish to remind them of proper fishing etiquette, you should be as polite as possible. If someone is passing too closely, warn them in a kind fashion that they are going to cause problems with others down the way if they don’t move out away from anchored boats. Of course, you could be a little more aggressive in the instance that an individual decides to take up anchor to close to you, stating that you have already staked out the location and they need to move on. However, you should be careful not to sound too childish.

If you wish to go striped bass fishing without so much worry about others causing a lack of success in your excursion or ruining your good mood, you should consider fishing earlier on later in the season, or perhaps at a small local pond rather than a commercial lake. While your catch may not be as big, you will have a much larger area to yourself without worry of confrontation and disruption. You may even catch a greater quantity of bass, making up for the size of each individually. Choose for yourself what you want to do. Striped bass fishing can be quite enjoyable either way, and it’s a personal choice as to whether or not you want to deal with the crowds.

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