Peacock Bass Fishing

While peacock bass are small, they are pound for pound the strongest fish in the water, and you’ll want to take strong gear to put up any kind of a fight that could win the battle for you. While you want your gear to remain as lightweight as possible so that you don’t wear yourself out when casting and ruin your ability to reel in the troublesome fish, you want to be sure that you have hefty line and lure for peacock bass fishing to help resist their penchant for destruction. Don’t think size and pack for a trip as you would to fish for white bass, which are similar in size. Think strength, and be prepared for a wallop like you would get with a large striper.

Because it is so testing and exciting, peacock bass fishing has become a craze for Floridian anglers, as well as visitors to the state. As a newer species available in North America, anglers are often just now learning the tricks to finding the population and fighting their tough demeanor to get them into the boat, making them quite a challenge for even many of the most experienced fishermen. Therefore, peacock bass fishing could be the wave of the future.

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