Oregon bass fishing – best spots and baits

Some of the best baits to use for bass fishing in Oregon include the following:

*         Jigs
*         Top Baits
*         Crankbaits
*         Plastic Worms
*         Spinnerbaits
*         Spoons

The bait you use has a lot to do with how well your fishing trip will turn out but that’s not all that will affect the outcome. There are many things that you can do personally that will increase the amount of success you have when seeking out this species. One of the first things that you need to do if you want to be a great bass angler is learn patience. There will be times when the bass will be biting like crazy and you’ll be reeling them in one behind the other and there will be times when you might not get a single bite.

Always be alert and pay attention to the things around you. Look for areas that have plenty of baitfish and this  will help you determine which bait would be the best to use. It will also help you locate the bass faster because they will most likely be real close to any good food source. Look for structures where the bass can hide out and ambush the baitfish when it goes by because this is where you’re going to find the most bass.

Before you go bass fishing you want to get prepared. Pack up your tackle box in advance and double check it before you go fishing to make sure you don’t leave that favorite lure at home. You should also have extra fishing line and plenty of hooks. Take along a wide variety of lures when you go fishing because this will make it easier to find something that will attract the bass, even on the days when they’re being picky.

The bass is an aggressive species that makes fishing fun and challenging. The more practice you get the better angler you’ll become so head out to the water every chance you get. Using the information above will help to increase your productivity when Oregon bass fishing. This will help you make every trip a successful one. Bass fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy nature and it’s also very rewarding. No wonder the bass is one of the most sought out species in the nation.

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