Largemouth Spawning Competition

When the Largemouth Bass are spawning – do they build their nests close together?

Do Largemouth Bass build nests close together I get asked many a time, the truth is they do not, unless they dont realize that is.

Male Largemouth Bass compete for female attention when it comes to spawning time, so they do not like other males in the vicinity, this works as follows…..

When the time to spawn draws near the male Largemouth bass will search for an ideal place to build a nest, this is usually near the bank or shoreline and in shallow waters of around two to eight feet, although this can go up to twenty feet in depth.

The male will build a nest that is circular in shape and normally about twice his length in size, this nest will also be built out of solid material like gravel, and has sand in it also.

Once the nest is built, the male becomes a guard, he will protect a perimeter of around six feet from the nest, this protection includes from fellow male Largemouth bass. The idea of protecting the area is so no other fish steal his nest and also to stop another male running off with his girl should one be in the vicinity.

By looking at this we know that male Largemouth Bass will not build a nest any closer than twelve feet away from another nest built by a male Largemouth Bass. The only time this does not work and sometimes they build very close to each other is when they have a large rock or another feature in the water blocking their view when they decide to build their nest.

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