Keep Your Eye on that Bass Fishing Calendar

Bass fishing in the fall is thought to be the best time of the year to catch some of the prize winning sized bass.  This is because they are going to be gorging themselves before they settle down for the cold of winter.  Find spots where the bait fish are going to be moving for their winter resting places such as spring and creek inlets.  The bass are going to be following them to eat as much as they can before winter.  Spinner baits and jigs are going to work the most effectively as well as crankbaits.  You want to have crankbaits that simulate the natural bait fish that the bass are going to be going after.

During this time, it is going to be very easy to bring in a lot of large bass.  They are going to be in a feeding frenzy and are going to strike on just about anything really.

Most people think that with the onset of winter that fishing is over until spawning begins again in the spring.  This is a wrong assumption as those in the know are going to be looking to catch some nice sized bass when everyone else is bundled up inside their homes.  Since the bass are going to be very lethargic, it is going to be necessary to entice them to take the hook and strike at the bait.  They are not just going to hit at anything as they do in the spring and fall.

It is important to offer the bass a large enough lure that is going to get them to want to strike as it can mean an easy meal for them when food is a rarity.  The larger lures can offer them temptation that they can not resist.

Many of the small bait fish that they are used to dining on have either moved to warmer waters or have died when the water turned cold.  Those with the patience and right lures can have some great fishing trips in the winter if they understand how the bass are thinking.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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