How to use Japanese Bass Fishing Lures

Many bass enthusiasts search high and low for new lures that can aid them to catch the larger bass that they are seeking. They go high and low looking for something to give them the edge over others whether it is in a competition or a day out at the lake. Japanese lures are making a rise in the market and those in the know are buying them out from online retailers.They cannot keep them in stock even with the high prices that they are commanding.Those who are thinking about investing in some Japanese lures may have no clue how they are supposed to use them and if they are even effective for catching any type of bass.The following is a list of the most popular Japanese lures and how to use them:

* Megabass Deep x 200 – When it comes to having the most realistic looking crankbait on the market, you cannot go wrong with the Megabass Deep x 200.Just looking at makes you want to get it into the water to what it can do.

Each lure is hand numbered and labeled with the weight and name of the lure.It is available in many different colors and is one of the most popular of all the Japanese lures available right now.It is amazing how well this lure casts.

Many claim that it has the same casting ability as lures that weigh much more than it does.This means that you do not need to add any more weight to it as you would with other crankbaits that are comparable.This is because of the internal bearing that shift during casting and then shift again when the lure hits the water. The bearings cause the lure to dive and the weight shift causes it to reach depths of up to ten feet in just a few seconds. This combined action means further casts and more realistic action that attracts the bass.Those who are leery about spending the money for an expensive crankbait such as this one because of the loss in weeds and rocks need not worry.This model is easily worked out of difficult places and the losses are not as high as other crankbaits that may not cost as much.

* Vibration-X Power Bomb – This crankbait is considered to be one of the best lipless crankbaits to come out of Japan.This is a much smaller version of other similar crankbaits but without the loss of action and weight.It comes in a variety of colors to choose from and has a flat body that means it gets through the water quickly.This two inch bass lure offers a slight vibration to attract the bass while remaining silent to the human ear.If you are looking for a sinking crankbait, then you can do no wrong with this gem.Since it is a sinking crank, you do not need to add any weight to get a good cast out of it.

It weighs three eighths of an ounce and that means it can get deep quickly and efficiently.After casting, begin reeling in immediately at a quick and steady pace to attract bass of all species.

* Knockin’ Jaw – When it comes to the blade jigs, this is one of the top of the line for the Japanese versions.It has an open jaw feature that is also one reason for the name of the jig. A blade jig offers the realistic look of the
head of natural baitfish but the body is comprised of a thin sheet of metal which allows for more action when it hits the water and is reeled back in. It also offers a vibration in the same way as the crankbait lures that attracts the bass.It is a sinking lure and has a quick reel in capacity.It can also be used when trolling because of the realistic movement in the water.This is also a great lure to use when ice fishing as the vertical action is perfect for attracting the lethargic fish.It is perfect when fishing vertically and many bass anglers swear by it for ice fishing.

The hottest new fishing lures are coming from Japan and using them can be quite confusing for those who are not used to them.If you want to use Japanese lures, the above is a great place to start and you cannot go wrong by having any of them in your arsenal.They do cost a bit more than their counterparts that are made in other countries but are worth it when you start reeling in trophy sized bass when using them.Each lure comes in different weights and colors so choosing the perfect one for your bass fishing needs and some may want to get a few of each to see which ones work the best for you.

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