How to pick the best bass bait

Some of the other favorite bass fishing baits that are considered excellent choices include the tube lure, which can also be used most anywhere, crankbaits, spoons, jigs, tail spinners and topwater plugs. It’s always a good idea to have a variety of different baits with you at all times. This way, you’ll be prepared for most any situation and you can switch around when the bass are in one of their picky moods.

When it comes to bait, the largemouth bass may be the easiest to please because they tend to strike at just about anything that gets their attention. Some of the other species of bass may need a little more encouragement so having a variety of baits can make a huge difference.

More Tips and Suggestions

Not only do you need to pick out the best bait when bass fishing but you also want to make sure you have the right equipment. Everything from the rod and reel that you use right down to the fishing hooks are important. Your presentation is also vital to your success because no bass or any other species for that matter will go after bait that is acting strange.

Learn as much about the bass as you can such as their habitat, their seasonal patterns, when they are the most active and so forth. One of the best places to look for bass is around any type of natural or man-made structures. Piers, floating docks, rocks and brush are great places to start your fishing adventure.

The bass is an elusive fish that can be difficult to catch. Once hooked, they will do everything they can to get off the hook and swim away. By keeping the bass in the water as long as possible it will make it easier to handle them.

Keep the tip of the rod pointing downward until you get the bass as close to the shore as possible. It’s even a good idea to carry along a net for the bigger ones that can be hard to handle.

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